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No backorders! Just NOW.

Ever look at the 4 hour lines and 4-6 week backorders on iPhone and iPad launch days and think "there has to be a better way..."? Well now there is. Today you can finally get the new iPhone without the headaches of the launch-day fiasco. Pre-order through us now and it will be on your doorstep the morning after launch-day (and launch-day delivery if you're in eastern Massachusetts)!

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Pre-order your iPhone 5 NOW.

Our History

When Apple introduced a new and revolutionary device, the iPad 2, miSolutions Boston introduced a new and revolutionary service, offering US customers the opportunity to purchase an iPad without waiting in a 4-hour line or dealing with a 4-week online backorder, and international customers the opportunity to get an iPad months before release in their country. For the iPad 2 launch, miSolutions employed four line-waiters and acquired 20 iPad 2’s on launch day. These sold out by the end of the weekend. We then scrambled to acquire more from sources like Craigslist, eBay, and the Apple Store, while still maintaining our low-price, and continued to sell out. Obviously we grossly underestimated demand.

In just six months, this program, now known as NOW. Launches, has blossomed into the largest, simplest, most effective (and only) Apple hardware and software pre-order, acquisition, and launch service. Now, as the release of the iPhone 5 approaches this September, we are massively expanding our plans and operations in preparation. This year we expect to have between 500 and 2000 iPhone 5s in stock, ready to ship on launch day!

The Most Revolutionary Phone Yet. Available Today.

The iPhone 5 is the biggest step yet in smartphones. And together with the biggest step yet in simplifying the launch day fiasco, you can get your hands on this revolutionary device the day it's released - no fuss, no muss.

Pre-Order Now!

Launch Features

Your Phone. Your Terms.

We realize that you lead a busy life; whether you're picking the kids up from school or on your way to that important board meeting, you don't have time to spend four to six hours waiting in line for the iPhone 5. We endure the launch day circus for you so you can live your life.

Lightning Fast Turnaround

Apple knows how to engineer a phone. Unfortunately, they don't know how to engineer a smooth product launch. We aren't plagued with lines and backorders, and we promise to ship out all iPhones ordered on launch day - September 21st.

Footloose and Contract-Free

The iPhone is really only $199 when purchased with a new 2-year contract. We can't buy the phones on contract, so we end up paying full retail price. What's the good news in that? Well, the high price buys you your freedom - your iPhone will be unlocked, contract-free, and can use any (or no) network as you wish.

It Really Is a World Phone

Upset that only a select few countries get the iPhone 5 on September 21st, and yours didn't make the cut? It's all good, because NOW. Launches offers launch day iPhone 5 shipping to every country in the world. It really is a "world phone."

We're there, so that you're not.

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